Level: Advanced Available spots: 12/12 Date: 04/03/2020 Price: €450 Location: Glabbeek
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Watch out, this workshop is not available in english YET.

Your mentors

Dries Renglé

Dries Renglé

Philippe Swiggers

Master that flash!

Are you trying to avoid using flash just because no matter how hard you try, light is flying in every direction and you just can’t get to lighting your subject beautifully? In this Master that flash-workshop we’ll show you that you can handle every lighting situation you get yourself into without having to fear on-camera or off-camera flash.

You’ll learn that with the use of a couple of basic principles you can get a long way in handling every lighting situation you find yourself in. The workshop will begin with a theoretical introduction and we’ll quickly move into the fun practical stuff! We’ll recreate different situations that you come across every time you shoot a wedding or any other event and we’ll teach you how to set your camera and flash so you obtain the lighting that reflects the mood and tells the story.

The use of flash in both documentary work as well as creative portraits will be discussed. The 2 mentors are there to answer every question you might have and reveal all their secrets to get that perfect lighting. After the hands-on exercises, we’ll analyze the images you took and dive into the editing as well to make sure you get the most out of your photos.


  • Welcome & Coffee.

  • Learn in small groups and in a safe environment.

  • We give you guidelines how to work efficiently with on and off camera flash.

  • Mind the moment lunch.

  • We teach you new ways of being creative with flash.

  • Different setups to try out.

  • We go through our workflow after a photoshoot and show you how we select and edit our pictures.

  • Throughout the day you will constantly be guided by two mentors.

  • Network with likeminded and passionate photographers.