03 – 07 april 2023

3 full days. 4 mentors. 1 epic location in the Belgian Ardennes.
Take your photography to the next level.
One of the most personal and complete workshops for moment-driven wedding photographers.

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This is it – The workshop for wedding photographers who share the same vision: Every wedding has its own unique story that deserves to be told.

Nele Watty, Dries Renglé, Yves Schepers and Philippe Swiggers take you on a journey through the ultimate wedding story during 3 intense days at an epic location in the Belgian Ardennes. No secret will be left untold.

Together we’ll work to lift your documentary photography to the next level and because each mentor works closely together with only 3 students, we can guarantee a very personal approach. Something that is very important to us and that we feel is often lacking in workshops.

During these 3 intense workshop days we’ll be happy to make some time to relax, soak up nature and get to know each other during a game of pool or a delicious diner served by our dedicated cooking team. We’re looking forward to all those good conversations with like-minded photographers  because we know they are worth so much. You don’t want to be missing out on this!

Mind the .. what?

What’s in a name? During Mind The Moment, our focus will be on capturing moments. A wedding is an emotional rollercoaster and is packed with fleeting but grand moments. Our goal is to capture those moments as authentic and real as we can.

During this workshop we’ll teach you how you catch those special moments and how you can manage each situation to get the maximum out it. We’ll show you how you can increase the emotional impact by means of anticipation, light and composition so you can tell a stronger story that sticks.

Are you up for a deep dive in the exciting world of documentary wedding photography, portfolio reviews, hands-on assignments and don’t forget a shitload of fun with a bunch of like-minded photographers?

What you’ll learn:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses

  • How to reach the right client for you

  • Anticipate to get the most out of each situation

  • Be more creative with off-camera flash

  • How to create genuine moments during a portrait session

  • Together we’ll draft a personal action plan during the portfolio reviews

Also included:

  • A very personal approach

  • 3 days packed with expertise and hands-on assignments

  • 4 night stay at a breathtaking chalet in the Belgian Ardennes

  • Meals and drinks are included

  • Access to the Mind The Moment community

  • Relaxing in the sauna & a closing party

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Philippe Swiggers

Imagine being seen by the most caring heart; having your day photographed by a patient, positive, and deeply caring soul. This is Philippe. We believe Philippe is one of the rising stars of photography and bottom line a really great guy.
His images are real and spontaneous and he brings a relaxed, hard-working attitude to his weddings. A school teacher for over 7 years, Philippe radiates kindness and is a complete joy to be around.

Dries Renglé

Energetic and warm, Dries approaches weddings with confidence, sensitivity, and a creative mind. His competitive nature pushes him to always do his best. Highly skilled at off camera lighting, Dries is a veteran in the Belgian wedding industry with 10+ years of experience. We find his images to be humorous, caring, and full of life. Personally, Dries’s philanthropic heart brings an outward awareness to our group that takes our work and doubles its good.

Yves Schepers

Innovation marks Yves’s work. Light and composition are the foundations of his imagery. We find his ambitious and perfectionistic personality lead to images with strong lines and tight compositions. Holding himself to the highest standard while at the same time he is not hesitant to sit on the ground with the kids and make them laugh. He excels at portraits and moments and is presently one of the top photographers in the industry.

Nele Watty

Curiosity surrounds Nele and motivates her storytelling imagery. A university background in photojournalism as well as an extensive knowledge of the history of photography set Nele apart in the purity of her candid, layered images. We have found her to be a photographer that sees and captures subtle, unusual moments. The quiet and often overlooked things she connects with and creates a story that is honest, creative, and delightful. Her playful, adventurous heart brings a brilliant energy to the events she documents. Her passion for photography spills over into her personal life and we feel she has some of the best personal family work out there.

We zijn trots elk een plekje veroverd te hebben in de Top 10 van de ‘Masters of Dutch wedding photography’!


© Sanne De Block

Mind The Moment was the workshop I’ve always needed but never got. I’m feeling confident again and the work I’m making at the moment resonates more than ever. This workshop really helped me to see “the light” and rekindled my joy of photography. The mentors make a strong team and you can tell they’ve optimized the organization of the workshop throughout the years. I can highly recommend this workshop for every wedding photographer.

Nina Tulp

© Sanne De Block

It was beautiful to see that you were out there to make us better photographers without needing to be the center of attention yourselves. I feel that’s a very strong asset of the workshop. Besides being amazing photographers, you guys are also experienced mentors and that’s not always the case in other workshops.

Sophie Callewaert

© Sanne De Block

There’s a lot of work to be done and I won’t be able to do it all at once but every part of my body is enjoying the change. The mindset of the workshop, the professionalism, the way you balanced out this workshop… just superb! I’m totally inspired!

Els Huart

© Sanne De Block

Although the team of mentors already achieved a lot, all the awards and egos are set aside in this workshop. They don’t feel the need to show us how good they are as photographers but they’re really out there to help us. It’s exciting to see how they enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping us out.

Wim Alblas

© Sanne De Block

In one word: Overwhelming. Putting together a 3 day workshop of which each session is as interesting as the previous one, is not easy but the MTM team managed wonderfully. I’m more than ever motivated to shoot in a more conscious way. An intense and lifechanging experience I would not want to have missed out on.

Karolien Haesen

© Sanne De Block

I returned home with a bag of inspiration. My girlfriend said she got back a new boyfriend… I’m still figuring out whether that’s a good or a bad thing 😉
I found it to be a fantastic experience. I was looking to build a network and I hope I’ve found my crew now.

Joris Cools

© Sanne De Block

This is the first time I return from a workshop so satisfied, so fulfilled, so motivated and with a bunch of memories I won’t forget easily. The WOW factor of this experience creates an immense boost for my photography but also for me as an individual. Big, big thanks!

Nathalie Moors

© Yves Schepers

This was the week I needed. Recharge my creative batteries so I can take a fresh look on weddings and part from the clichés. Spending fun time with a bunch of like-minded people and getting into the depth of what photojournalistic wedding photography is. But also dipping our toes in the business side of things. This workshop has it all!

Wouter Maeckelberghe



2750excl VAT.
  • Early bird until 6th of november = €2600
  • A goody bag worth of €350 included when registering!

Which dates should I block..?

We’ll gather at 19h on April 3rd in the chalet and kick off the workshop with a drink and an introductory session. 4, 5 and 6 of April we’ll take you with us on the Mind The Moment journey. We’ll have a last breakfast together on April 7th before the hardest part of the workshop comes: saying goodbye! You’ll receive a lot more practical info leading up to the workshop.


Don’t hesitate to reserve your spot on the Mind The Moment workshop!

Previous editions were sold out quickly so don’t miss out on your chance to experience this intense, hands-on workshop packed with ready to use tips and tricks and a whole lot of fun!